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We’re 8 billion people on earth. This is our story to tell. is a space for learning about the world through open data, visualization and data storytelling — to better navigate the complexities of the 21st century. relaunches in 2024.

Our new website is the start of big changes to come at! 2024 will see the launch of training programs in data journalism, more stories on the site and more indicators and sources for you to explore.

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What is Datastory doing in the meantime?

We’re so glad you asked! We’re currently hard at work building Datastory Cloud, our data visualisation platform which will allow organisations to build beautiful data-driven websites, applications, and presentations using internal and open data. When we relaunch in 2024, we plan to build everything on this platform, allowing us and our partners to make new Data Stories at record speed*.

While we’d love to tell you more about Datastory Cloud, it’s a bit awkward promoting the for-profit part of organization on the non-profit site, so you’ll have to head over to to hear our unrestrained pitch.

*We couldn’t find an actual speed record for building data stories, but we’re pretty confident this could set that bar.

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Learn something new with our data-driven tools. Our data stories are updated automatically as new data becomes available.


The Datastory Glossary: Illustrated Concepts In Open Data And Data Journalism


The Election Tracker: Your Pocket Calendar To The World's Elections


Nobel Prize Timeline: Who Got The Prize And Why?


School Map: Compare Results For All Schools In Sweden


A hypothetical Riksdag: Parliament configuration by voter group


Poll Of Polls: How Swedes Would Vote Right Now


School Inequality: The Factors Determining School Results


A Happy Marriage? Create Your Own Government

Participate in upcoming projects

With the launch of our new Datastory Cloud platform in 2023, we’re preparing to take on more non-profit collaborations in 2024.

🎓 Datastory Academy

Join one of our upcoming courses for youth in data journalism and learn how to filter and analyze datasets, distill insights and create engaging and impactful visualizations. Starting February 2024 in Stockholm.

🚀 Open data and research collaborations

Does your organization want to do good with data? Do you have an idea for a collaboration with Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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