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About Datastory

Datastory is a platform that organizes the world's data and makes it available through visual applications and storytelling.

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About Datastory

Our mission

We are dreaming of a a world where reasoning, science and knowledge win over ignorance, racism and injustice.

Datastory is independent

We finance ourselves through grants, donations, consulting work, public speaking, publications, partnerships, and other activities.

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Datastory is independent
Datastory is open and free

Datastory is open and free

As more and more paywalls pop up, we're committed to allowing anyone to access updated, valuable information for free. We built Datastory to inspire new viewpoints and give people a better overview of society. We disclose our sources and welcome all suggestions for improvement.

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Datastory keeps innovating

We dig deep to understand how society works so that we can support its positive development with new solutions and useful information.

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Datastory keeps innovating

In memory of Hans Rosling

"The seemingly impossible is possible."

Hans Rosling — Professor in Global Health


Technologies we use

We build our application with the most cutting-edge technologies of our day.


The inception of Datastory

My interest is pedagogy and global development brought me to Hans Rosling and the Gapminder Foundation almost ten years ago. What began with an email to Hans Rosling turned into four years of close cooperation, dedicated to explaining people's living conditions and countries' development through TED Talks and other lectures and activities in Sweden and abroad. Ten years later, information technology has evolved and what then took months to "code and visualize" takes days or week today. At the same time, there has been a rapid development in the area of "open data" and more and more information is available. However, the competition for attention is great. How can statistics and research on new solution to society's most significant challenges be as exciting as Netflix, computer games or funny cat videos? We do not have the answers, but Datastory is our contribution to finding new pedagogical methods.

Daniel Lapidus