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Gunilla Hagström

22 nov. 2021

Say hello to our new logo!

The brief – a logo to grow with

Datastory is growing. We're expanding the number of research collaborations and we launched our technology branch Datastory Tech recently. While working towards these goals – and knowing that we need to make room for 100s of new civic educational tools – we realized that the time was right to update our brand assets, starting with the logo.

The process

Within the design team at Datastory, we make decisions based on discussions and team workshops. It was essential for us to focus on our core values – from scientific to timeless and vibrant – to anchor the design process. After thorough research – including a review of the design elements that already existed in our archives – we asked ourselves if we needed to find a new expression or could build on something we already felt at home with? That led us to zoom in on our 'tile pattern'.

An example of the "Datastory Tile"

Working from the tile pattern, and the idea that Datastory is becoming a larger ecosystem – inspired by a graph of knowledge – we explored multiple directions.

Sketching away – exploring the possibilities of the tile shape.

The result

The result became a new visual identity that consists of vibrant colors with an intuitive and approachable design. The new logotype is created from a leaf, sprung from the "tree of knowledge", combining our core values and playing with a flow map's organic shape.

Implicit flows

The movement in the lines adds energy and playfulness that we can use for animation. And the tile remains an important base element for future exploration and extension.

With a new, unified look, we say so long to our old friends and thank them for their service :)



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