Daniel Lapidus

10 dec. 2019

How Datastory is evolving to a knowledge platform

Hi everyone! We're excited to tell you about what we have been working on and where Datastory is going next!

Spoiler alert: We're giving researchers a shortcut to an audience with powerful visualization and open data tools.

A big step for Datastory

Datastory is all about explaining issues and inspiring positive change using open data. We want to bridge the gap between researchers and the public by leveraging modern technology and user experience design.

But telling stories with data can be complex. The datasets might come from many different sources and in various formats, and it can take a lot of effort to build an interactive experience that meets the needs of the public, journalists and decision-makers.

To make our work more effective and creative – and the Datastory platform stronger – the team has been making more than 2000 code changes, 50+ new design patterns and improved internal and external workflows. From data to design to journalism – we are now ready to begin sharing the results with you. Over the next weeks, we are rolling out features such as:

  • Higher frequency data updates 🤓
    With a better data pipeline, we can now bring fresh data to our readers at a higher pace.

  • Faster website 🌪️
    The website and the data stories will now load faster across regions and devices.

  • New and more varied data stories 💚
    With more design options, and lots of ideas to implement, we can now serve our users a wider range of interactive data stories in different formats.

  • Improved illustrations and GIFs 🎨
    Our illustrators continuously work on making Datastory more personal and user-friendly.

  • Supporting translations 🌎
    Datastory will be introducing several new languages in 2020.

  • New research collaborations 📐
    Datastory is partnering up with a number of new organizations, from academia to media to the public sector.

We're taking on new collaborations – apply to be a partner.

We are now open to new collaborations with researchers and other partners who share our desire to democratize knowledge.

With new technology and new workflows, we can make critical data and research findings accessible with richness and depth. Leveraging data stories, visualization technologies and open data, Datastory can offer a shortcut to an audience.

Datastory is being developed by a team of user experience designers, data scientists, data journalists, project leaders, developers and illustrators.

Contact us via partnerships@datastory.org if you are interested in making your data accessible to the world.



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